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Know your competitors

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Competitive Intelligence API

Extract strategic data from millions of offline and online sources including Web archives, social feeds, trademarks, website metrics and much more, empowered by Stelace NLP technology.

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Enjoy early premium plans.

Get your team ahead of the game

Devs & Growth hackers

Get started fast

Start to build in a minute with our data intelligence API and a domain name, an email address or a short business description.

Build your hack

Stretch the limits and start building powerful integrations that match your needs, from competition tracking to lead qualification.

Detect changes

Spy on your targets without wasting your time. Don’t miss their significant changes in website design, pricing, technology, or performance.

Strategic data as a Service

Adapt your content dynamically to your users, partners, teams thanks to reliable strategic data served by our API.

Sales & Marketers

Qualify your leads

Focus on hot leads using strategic enrichment and let your sales team commit to high-potential profiles.

Fits into your pipeline

Enjoy strategic enrichment in your existing marketing and sales pipeline by letting your developers integrate our API in no time.

Big picture

Are new competitors still spawning? How was press coverage of your market lately? Stop guessing and get real data.

Leverage brand perception

Analyze audience perception with real-time sentiment analysis of press articles and social media to position your product.

Get ahead of trends

Anticipate trends and moves in your market to gain a competitive edge with historical data.


Identify influencers on your market to connect and get yourself noticed.


Key metrics

Use data for competitive breakthrough. Stelace provides you with clear key metrics to highlight threats and assess your own performance.

Competitive ladder

Stelace lets you know which competitors, subcontractors, partners to take most seriously so you can plan and execute accordingly.

Build on facts

Assess your outcomes regarding your website performance, market metrics, sustainability signals, social media presence, and much more.

Save time

Don’t waste time tracking each of your competitors every single day. Let our AI help you with powerful automation.

Think well to execute perfectly

You may be using many tools to run your company every day, but it does not tell you the challenges you’re facing. It’s time to plan your next best actions with Stelace.

This is how we build Strategic Intelligence

Track similar sites, competitors, new entrants and significant events with Stelace natural language processing and vision technology.

Reliable sources

We collect millions of highly qualified data points from Web archives, live feeds and accurate offline sources.

Natural Language Processing

We're using deep-learning based Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to extract meaning that is relevant to your business goals.


Our proprietary AI improves every day with powerful machine-learning, based on your feedback and automatic training.

Let Nausicaa join your team

Nausicaa is your success assistant. Send her articles, videos, or websites you came across related to your market through our API or Slack to signal your priorities.

Launching soon

Keep in touch if you feel like joining our beta testers!

Art Of War

Stelace helps you think your business holding all the cards. Know your competitors and your market like the back of your hand with Stelace Artificial Intelligence.

Knowledge is success

Don’t miss competition moves anymore. Set your real-time alerts and market reports. Competitors’ funding, hiring events, new products and customer (un)happiness won’t go unnoticed.