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Flexible & scalable backend to run your own marketplace

Event-driven API empowering marketplace Startups & Entrepreneurs

Highly flexible solution for Marketplaces

Marketplaces are hard. Stelace REST APIs let you build and run your marketplace without the hassle of maintaining and scaling some heavy backend. Our APIs have been engineered for growth and focus on flexibility to enable any workflow.

Create your marketplace with Stelace

By developers for developers

Stelace is tested and implemented by developers for developers to create powerful marketplaces. API-first approach lets you build a future-proof marketplace by decoupling interface and marketplace key components such as matchmaking. We eliminated needless complexity and extraneous details, to let you get up and grow your business with Stelace in a couple of minutes.


Our RESTful endpoints let you use simple requests to execute powerful workflows, such as typo-tolerant search or transaction validation.

Scalable architecture

Our fully decoupled microservices ensure fault-tolerant APIs that evolve fast without breaking your marketplace.

All you need to innovate & experiment

Authentication and user roles

We offer several authentication methods to let you customize your user login and registration process, giving your users different roles.

Your Marketplace, your rules

Listing types handle the magic behind your custom workflows and let you tune time units and constraints, validation steps with assessments, pricing parameters and much more with custom attributes.

Powerful search

Search is key to any successful marketplace. Stelace Search API lets you leverage your inventory with powerful matchmaking relying on availability, geography, fuzzy text search and relevance.


Stelace provides you with a booking model as the single source of truth to proceed with payments, transactional emails, or anything related to your marketplace bookings.

Multi-step Assessments

Validations represent an important part of a booking process and Assessment API ensures that all goes according to plan.

User & listing locations

Locations let you locate users and resources. Both users and listings can have multiple locations to make matchmaking easier on your marketplace.

Make your marketplace unique

Booking calendar: Stelace fits your business with highly flexible features

Create your own identity

Stelace APIs save your time to let you focus on your marketplace audience, brand and user experience on any device. Use our Content API for even more speed and flexibility with full internationalization support.

Build anything with events

Our powerful APIs, events and webhooks open up endless opportunities to create new marketplaces workflows. Skill sharing, events, renting, peer-to-peer… Build anything you want with event sourcing and scalable architecture, also available on-premise.