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Marketplace launcher

Marketplaces are hard. Build your own using our solution or with our powerful API and Webhooks. Just focus on experimenting and growing your audience.

Create your marketplace with Stelace "Create my online business" typed in a Web search engine - Stelace

All you need to innovate & experiment

Highly flexible

Flexible workflows

Skill sharing, events, renting, peer-to-peer… Pick your use case or enable several transaction types available to your marketplace’s users.

Your own landing page

Use our visual editor or add your own CSS. Appeal to your users with unique content. Your homepage feels like home.

Multiple languages

Build your audience across the globe. Multiple languages are supported by Stelace. Add your own translations easily or enjoy community translations.

Your own domain

Choose your free domain name ending in, or bring your own domain.
Customize your marketplace’s landing page
Payments processed by Stripe Mangopay payment gateway for collaborative platforms and marketplaces


Online payments

Support credit card and direct debit all over the world. We offer best available solutions, Stripe and Mangopay. Set advanced payments flows for your marketplace without hassle.

User profiles

Your marketplace's buyers and sellers can customize their profiles, and rate each other after transactions. Build trust on your platform.


Stelace provides all the features needed for your multi-vendor marketplace, including advanced transaction flows, trust building, and much more…

Advanced messaging

Improve your conversion rates with on-site conversations and secured messages between your sellers and buyers.
Payments secured by Stripe or Mangopay, without leaving your website
Payments processed by Stripe Mangopay payment gateway for collaborative platforms and marketplaces

Products or Services


Stelace supports services such as hospitality and skill-sharing. No limit to your marketplace ambition. Let's share!

Sharing Economy

You've just find the right match for peer-to-peer and collaborative consumption business models. We crafted Stelace for them.


Secure transactions and payments requiring check-out. Let your marketplace users confirm that no damage was done after sharing.

Digital goods

Digital goods are supported as well, such as music, ebooks, video or software, with secured links and easy workflow.

Search map, filters & timetables

Time-constrained or localized products and services are fully supported with sellers' availability timetables, map and filtered search for buyers.
Advanced search page with image lazyloading

Marketing & SEO


SEO matters, and is built right into every feature of Stelace. Customize your headers and descriptions as much as you want. Stelace is optimized for search engines.

Referral program

Allow your users to invite friends to increase your audience. Invites are one of the best ways to inspire confidence with word of mouth.

Social Media integration

Rely on extended social media integration into your marketplace. Let your users share products and refer friends.


Gain trust from your customers, and collect reviews for each transaction. Incentivize multiple sellers to raise quality standards on your platform.


Keep your audience updated about new products or features by email and send customized transactional emails to customers with integrated emailing.


Connect your website to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel in no time to get advanced reports on your traffic and conversions.
Ratings and reviews between users


Customer Intelligence

Collect actionable data about your customers and improve your customer relationship with automated tools.


Access all your business data and Stelace features from your online dashboard, on all devices.

Opened API

Grant access to advanced business data to your own developers if needed, with our secured API and Webhooks.

Access rights Enterprise

Create user groups to precisely manage rights and privileges. Create customers categories, or manage your own employees' access rights.


Free upgrades

Stelace runs in the cloud, which means free upgrades without trouble for your marketplace. Get new features instantly.

Unlimited bandwidth

There is no limit to your traffic. For any number of visitors, we make sure that your site is up and running.

Mobile first

Stelace makes sure your website loads fast on every device, and focuses on making navigation mobile friendly, leveraging lazyloading and responsive design patterns.

Top-notch security

We make no compromise about security and privacy. Sleep without a worry, we've got it covered with full 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption (HTTPS included).

Regular backups

All your data, including product descriptions, customers and transactions, are backed up on a regular basis and can be restored if needed.

Unlimited storage

We offer unlimited storage space for your media and user content, such as pictures in product descriptions.

Make your marketplace unique

Booking calendar: Stelace fits your business with highly flexible features

Tailored to your needs

Whether you rent goods or spaces, sell, provide services or organize events, make your own marketplace with Stelace highly customizable workflows. Leverage Stelace API and advanced integrations with tools like Zapier to build anything you want.

Chat with Nausicaa Artificial Intelligence on Slack Zapier API integrations Send your own emails with MailChimp integration

You are all set

We offer you all you need to run your marketplace: flexible calendar, payment workflows, SMS, advanced search and map, assessments, transactional emails, referral program… Just pick what you need to delight your users, without spending all your time and budget on Web development.

Choose the plan that fits your needs

Manage your marketplace with Stelace dashboard and metrics

Start now with a 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Additional team accounts for Startup, Stellar and Enterprise plans: €25 / account / month

All Stelace plans include a fully equipped marketplace with Stelace Dashboard, payment gateway, booking calendar, messaging and the following pages: home, new listing, search, listing, booking, user profile, contact, help and terms.

Test now

Ask your free demo and start experimenting.

Stelace cloud means no hassle

Leverage automatic setup, updates without a single line of code. Stelace runs in the cloud to ensure that your site keeps running smoothly. Don’t compromise with flexibility as Stelace API and Webhooks allow any custom integrations.

Open source means no lock-in

Stelace platform is Open Source because we value your freedom. There are no strings attached to your subscription. All your business data remains yours, so that you can cancel your plan to run your own instance. Your freedom is priceless.