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May 22, 08:06

Online Stores & Marketplaces, made smart

Create your own marketplace

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Easy to grow online business

No coding skills should be required to run a marketplace. Build your own in no time with our powerful AI. Just focus on growing your audience. Save time and money with powerful automation and highly customizable responsive themes.


Enjoy early premium plans.

Create your marketplace with Stelace "Create my online business" typed in a Web search engine - Stelace

All the features you need

Online Store

Customizable themes

Enjoy commerce on all devices with beautiful responsive design themes. Choose and customize a theme or create yours.

Your own domain

Choose your free domain name ending in, or bring your own domain.

SSL certificate included

All plans include 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption to keep your customer's and business data secure through HTTPS protocol.

Blogging platform included

Publish your own content to reach your audience and grow your community with integrated blogging platform.

Edit HTML and CSS

Access and change your HTML and CSS code to customize your store and add more pages.

Multiple languages

Build your audience accross the globe. Multiple languages are supported by Stelace. Add your own translations easily or enjoy community translations.



Stelace provides all the features needed for your multi-vendor marketplace, including advanced transaction flows, trust building, and much more…

Flexible fees

Collect your fees according to your marketplace's business model. Set up differentiated fees according to users or transactions types.

Online payments

Support credit card and direct debit all over the world. We use the best online solution, Stripe. Set advanced payments flows for your marketplace without hassle.

User profiles

Your marketplace's buyers and sellers can customize their profiles, and rate each other after transactions. Build trust on your platform.

Automatic Taxes

Applying correct tax rates can be a nightmare. Let Stelace help you to focus on your business, with international tax management and reports.

Advanced messaging

Improve your conversion rates with on-site conversations and secured messages between your sellers and buyers.

Products & Services


Stelace supports services such as hospitality and skill-sharing. No limit to your marketplace ambition. Let's share!

Sharing Economy

You've just find the right match for peer-to-peer and collaborative consumption business models. We crafted Stelace for them.

Search filters & timetables

Time-constrained products and services are fully supported with sellers' availability timetables and filtered search for buyers.

Variants and stocks

Sell product variants and create your own attributes for each type of product. Nausicaa keeps an eye on your stocks.


Secure transactions and payments requiring check-out. Let your marketplace users confirm that no damage was done after sharing.

Digital goods

Digital goods are supported as well, such as music, ebooks, video or software, with secured links and easy workflow.

Marketing & SEO


SEO matters, and is built right into every feature of Stelace. Customize your headers, descriptions and linking as much as you want, or leave it to Nausicaa.

Audience building

Full blogging integration allows you to grow your audience. Publish content in a breeze and stay in touch with your community.

Social Media integration

Rely on extended social media integration into your marketplace. Let your users share products and refer friends.


Gain trust from your customers, and collect reviews for each transaction. Incentivize multiple sellers to raise quality standards on your platform.


Keep your audience updated about new products or features by email and send customized transactional emails to customers with integrated emailing.


Connect your website to Google Analytics in no time to get advanced reports on your traffic and conversions. Our AI Nausicaa keeps you updated as needed.

Artificial Intelligence

Save time

Don't waste time on monitoring and let our AI Nausicaa help you with powerful automation, comfortably accessible from Facebook Messenger or Slack.

Enjoy machine-learning

Nausicaa AI improves every day with powerful machine-learning, based on your transactions and traffic, and state-of-the-art e-commerce practices.

Track progress

Keep an eye on the radar with Nausicaa's notifications about your marketplace success and potential improvements. Consolidate your strengths.

Valuable assistance

Enjoy an alternative version of your online dashboard: customize theme elements or ask user info directly to Nausicaa via chat.


Customer Intelligence

Collect actionnable data about your customers and improve your customer relationship with automated tools and Artificial Intelligence.

Opened API

Grant access to advanced business data to your own developers if needed, with our full-fledged API with secured access.


Access all your business data and Stelace features from your online dashboard, on all devices.

Access rights

Create user groups to precisely manage rights and privileges. Create customers categories, or manage your own employees' access rights.


Free upgrades

Stelace runs in the cloud, which means free upgrades without trouble for your online stores. Get new features instantly.

Unlimited bandwidth

There is no limit to your traffic. For any number of visitors, we make sure that your site is up and running.

Unlimited storage

We offer unlimited storage space for your media and user content, such as pictures in product descriptions.

Top-notch security

We make no compromise about security and privacy. Sleep without a worry, we've got it covered with full 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption.

Daily backups

All your data, including product descriptions, customers and transactions, are backed up every day and can be restored in no time.

Mobile first

Stelace makes sure your website loads fast on every device, and focuses on making navigation mobile friendly.

Get in touch with Nausicaa

Nausicaa keeps you posted

To keep your online business running smoothly, we crafted a powerful artificial intelligence. Need to know your best customers, to grasp an overview of your audience, or to get some advice? Simply ask Nausicaa, anytime, anywhere. Stay in touch with Nausicaa via Slack, or Facebook Messenger.

Chat with Nausicaa Artificial Intelligence on Slack Chat with Nausicaa Artificial Intelligence on Facebook Messenger

Let the magic happen

Nausicaa will provide you with valuable insights into your business using machine learning. No developer is needed. Just focus on your strengths and make a difference. Still interested in coding ? Create your own themes and modules, or contribute to our Open Source repo on Github!

Launching soon

Our crowdfunding campaign starts in the summer of 2017. Give your email to Nausicaa to get posted early and enjoy limited premium plans.

Monetization for all business models.

Our plans include transaction fees for marketplaces, payments to sellers via Stripe, invoicing, tax management, messaging, advanced blogging and SEO, analytics, maps… Much more available to multi-vendor marketplaces and specific use cases such as sharing platforms.

Open source means no lock-in

Stelace platform is Open Source because we value your freedom. There are no strings attached to your subscription. All your business data remains yours, so that you can cancel your plan to run your own instance. Nausicaa stays with us though…

Payments processed by Stripe Tax management for marketplaces with TaxJar

From E-shops to Marketplaces

Building a marketplace is hard, as we experienced ourselves. That's why we created Nausicaa. Her role is to help you grow your business from day one. She will assist you in each task and can even anticipate your business needs.

Manage and grow easily

Customize you platform and monitor transactions easily from your dashboard, or from everywhere else with Nausicaa. Stelace runs in the cloud to ensure that your site is always running for any number of visitors.