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Future-proof your platform with powerful search, automation and marketplace management APIs.

Stelace Platform Search API
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All you need to run your Web Platform

Your platform is unique and our powerful APIs open up endless opportunities. Skill sharing, events or renting marketplace, private networking platform… Build anything you want with Stelace event-driven APIs and scalable architecture.
  • Smart Search Infrastructure

    Build faster with powerful search out of the box. Stelace Search is typo-tolerant and supports all languages, as well as time or quantity based availability patterns, advanced filters with custom attributes and boolean logic.

    DeLorean DMC-12
    filter:options[wifi, AC, timeTravel] >= 2
  • High flexibility with Event-based automation

    API-first approach lets you future-proof your platform by decoupling interface and RESTful services such as matchmaking and marketplace management. Each Event can trigger external logic with Webhooks or serverless logic with Stelace Workflows.

    name: 'Gran Torino', …
    status: 'paid', …
    metadata: { phoneVerified: true, … }
  • Open source means no lock-in

    All your business data remains yours, so that you can cancel your plan to run your own instance, or buy a commercial license with Enterprise support as well. Your freedom is priceless.

  • Dedicate your resources to your real mission

    Our full range of APIs lets you dedicate your resources to feature delivery, quality and growth hacking. Let your customers and your ambition drive your business, rather than the size of your dev team. Don’t reinvent the wheel, we’re making it spin.

    Test-Driven API & QA
    API versioning & CI
    API load balancing & scaling
    Authentication protocols
  • Deploy in minutes with our starter kit

    Start now and upgrade as you grow. Instant starter kit is available to get up to speed.

Built for developers, ready to scale business

Assets can be any resource of your platform that you want to search or match: cars, rides, physical goods, profiles, skills…

Stelace Search, Command and Instant APIs let you build anything around these Assets.