# Documentation

Welcome to Stelace!

Stelace API provides Search, Automation and Web infrastructure to run ambitious platforms and online marketplaces.

# Powerful Search API

Stelace Search empowers the Assets of your platform with typo-tolerant full-text search, real-time availability support, geographical constraints and advanced filtering.

# Automation and Event-driven development

Stelace Command lets you build your platform much faster with Event-based Automation. Taste serverless architecture and focus on what really matters to your business.

# Web Platforms and Marketplaces

Stelace Instant includes all you need to build your Web platform in days instead of months, from User and Ratings management to Transaction process and real-time messaging.


Stelace Instant comes with open-source front-end starter kits built on top of Search and Command to get started in minutes.

Stelace Heroes Platform Demo Screenshot