All Stelace objects have a metadata property you can use to store any additional information you don’t need in search.

Metadata is not used by Stelace and can include any valid JSON key-value pairs. You can use metadata to store structured information about your assets such as image or file URLs and internal reference for staff.

Do not use metadata to store sensitive information such as personally identifiable information.

Including metadata in a new asset just requires an additional parameter:

  name: 'Asset with arbitrary metadata',
  description: 'Searchable built-in description.',
  assetTypeId: 'typ_T3ZfQps1I3a1gJYz2I3a',
  metadata: {
    staffComment: 'Requires inspection.'

Metadata and custom attributes

Custom attributes are required to index searchable asset data properly.

Metadata is a more flexible way to serve non-searchable additional content related to an asset or any other object through API.