# Quick Start 🚀

Get started with Stelace API in 5 minutes.

We offer front-end starter kits on top of Stelace backend Search, Command and Instant APIs to build any type of Web platform faster than ever using our universal JS SDK.

  • Marketplace Demo is an Airbnb-like platform with properties for sale or rent.

Stelace Marketplace Demo Screenshot

  • Heroes Platform Demo focuses on search, automation and real-time.

Stelace Heroes Platform Demo Screenshot

# 1. Create your own API keys

Install your own API server and generate your API keys: Stelace is open-source.

# 2. Clone the demo

In the local folder of your choice, run:

git clone https://github.com/stelace/marketplace-demo.git
cd marketplace-demo


git clone https://github.com/stelace/heroes-platform-demo.git
cd heroes-platform-demo

And install demo front-end dependencies:

# using yarn instead of npm is recommended


If you don’t have yarn installed, you can follow these instructions.

# 3. Fill in your API keys

After running cp .env.example .env.development, just copy-paste your publishable and secret API keys:

# .env.development
# available in dashboard “API Key” page

Stelace comes with built-in test and live environments to make it even easier to try things.

We’re using test keys here.

# 4. Seed demo data

yarn seed


The demo includes some Workflows to send emails and handle Stripe payments out of the box.

Some configuration is required to enable them.

# 5. Start front-end dev server

yarn dev

After a few seconds, demo should be running at http://localhost:8080/s 👏.

Heroes demo:

Stelace Heroes Platform Demo Animation

You can play with Search demo UI but you’ll need to fill in some map provider API key to see hero Assets get their mission assignments in real time on the map, relying on custom Events and Signal.

Same if you’re using Marketplace demo (except that properties probably can’t move).

# Map

We suggest Mapbox or Maptiler as map provider.

You can use default Maptiler style with your own key:

# .env.development
# VUE_APP_MAPBOX_TOKEN is not needed with Maptiler as it is included in style URL.


You can also import our dark Heroes demo map style (github) in Maptiler and get your free map URL to add to .env.development before restarting dev server:


# 6. Fork or build anything else

It’s time to make it your own! More info about each starter kit is available on Github:

This is just a preview of what you can do with Stelace API.

There is much more to explore in these docs: we suggest Assets for starters.