# Javascript: Node.js/browser

Stelace offers an open-source Javascript SDK, for both browser environment and Node.js server.

It’s available as a NPM package:

npm install stelace

Get your API key in Stelace Dashboard and let’s get started:

// Node.js
const stelace = require('stelace').createInstance({
  apiKey: 'seck_test_...'

// Browser using Webpack
import { createInstance } from 'stelace'
const stelace = createInstance({ apiKey: 'pubk_test_...' })

For more details, please refer to SDK docs.

All current docs examples include code snippets featuring our JS SDK.

# Other languages

Of course you can also use our RESTful API with any other language of your choice.

Our API reference may help.

Please feel free to get in touch if you think we can collaborate on a new SDK for your language.