# Content Entries

Content API is a headless CMS that paves the way for clean content management and easy internationalization, from website content to any structured content.

A Content Entry can be a webpage, a section of an ebook or a tutorial article.

Entries have a fields object attribute that can include anything you need:

  • Translations strings,
  • Strings using syntax of your choice for i18n, like ICU Message format to handle plurals and gender,
  • Language compiled before distribution to you users, like markdown,
  • More complex JSON objects including file URLs for instance.

Entries are regrouped by locale and collection, making it very simple to load content according to User language and current Web page for instance.

await stelace.entries.create({
  locale: 'en-US',
  collection: 'website',
  name: 'homepage',
  fields: {
    title: 'APIs and infrastructure for platforms built to last',
    metaDescription: 'Grow your platform with powerful search infrastructure, '
      + 'marketplace management APIs and Web tooling.'