Stelace helps you to create your marketplace without hassle: top-notch Search infrastructure, powerful automation, marketplace management and Web tooling.

Stelace is not a marketplace store builder, it's a complete API-based solution to create, grow and manage your platform.

We take all technical stuff in charge to let you focus on what matters: growing your community. Resources you will find on our blog Beyond Stelace can help you growing your business, thinking your platform strategy, building your audience...

Who's behind Beyond Stelace ?  

Our team based in Paris aims at empowering platform developers and marketplace entrepreneurs.  

As entrepreneurs we know how much it matters to stay focused on what matters.

We built a sharing platform named Sharinplace in 2015, and failed to build our audience while being obsessed with technical excellence.

Stelace rose from the ashes of Sharinplace in 2018. In 2019, after almost two years spent rebuilding and testing the platform runner architecture and our codebase almost from scratch, our Search, automation and marketplace management APIs are ready to accelerate platform development to a new level.

We know how you may feel when building your own marketplace, and we can help.

What's Beyond Stelace ?  

Feedback: Building an online business is hard. We learned a lot and will share this experience with you. We also encourage you to share your experiences with Stelace community.

Tricks: You will never be prepared enough to run your business. Anyway, one day or another you have to take the plunge! Our objective is simple: we want you to be successful.

Stories: We all love stories! Right? They are a source of inspiration and sometimes they guide us. Let's talk about entrepreneurs, great projects, their success and failure.