As you may know, Stelace offers powerful APIs that let dev. teams run any type of marketplace or Web platform. We recently published an open source marketplace template you can use to launch your own platform. This could really help your developers to build your marketplace faster and cleaner, whether it relies on Stelace back-end APIs or not.

Stelace open-source marketplaces templates

When it comes to building your marketplace, you will want to have your own design and User Interface. This UI is the part with which your users interact to register to your marketplace, perform searches, post listings or book/buy resources available on your platform. And for sure you want it to be unique, highly recognizable and memorable.

Stelace doesn't handle the design of your platform, but since we care a lot about your business and your time, we crafted open-source front-end templates based on Quasar successful framework (Vue.js) offering a great deal of components, to help you build faster.

Renting and Selling Open Source Marketplace template

Stelace Marketplace live Demo

We designed this Stellar Marketplace template as an "Airbnb-like" marketplace, perfect for Renting and Selling Platforms, leveraging Stelace APIs such as Search, platform Automation, User management, Transactions, real-time Messaging, Ratings and much more. This feature-rich open source marketplace template is 100% responsive and comes fully integrated with Stelace Dashboard and its headless CMS.

Highly responsive Marketplace template

We designed it like a Starter Kit 🚀 to let you start building in no time, because we know that as a business owner, CEO or CTO, your execution speed may be as decisive as your capacity to iterate. To use this template, just share our dedicated GitHub page with your dev. team. After downloading the marketplace template you will be able to customize it at will! Whether you decide to use Stelace APIs or not (you can start for free), you will save a tremendous time building with solid foundations.

This Stelace template is free to use, under the terms of the MIT license. Feel free to fork, contribute or just make it your own!

Real-Time and Event-driven Open Source Marketplace template

To show you all the potential of our APIs we also released another template, the Heroes Platform Demo also available as an Open Source template on GitHub, meeting different business needs.  It’s focused on advanced Search, real-time and Automation. Using Stelace Events & Workflows, making this platform UI is aware of super heroes missions and locations in real-time, exactly as you would need for a ride-sharing platform (like Lyft). And like all our templates, contents are served with an headless CMS relying on Stelace Content API.

Heroes Platform by Stelace

Stelace Platform Runner APIs

You may think that User Interface is primordial when building a marketplace, but trust our experience, all the time you spend on interface is worthless if your user experience is spoiled because of bad overall User Experience, including a faulty back-end generating errors and frustration.

Stelace's essential mission is to help you build and run your platform by providing a robust back-end that will last no matter the way your user interface evolves, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

If our free marketplaces templates can help you build the UI of your platform faster, our main job is to facilitate, secure and scale all the logic behind your own UI and beautiful design. That's definitely the most challenging step your team is going to face and certainly the most time-consuming and error-prone part, unless you take advantage of Stelace APIs' power ;)

We designed a full range of APIs you may explore in our Documentation, supporting any business complexity. All our APIs are continuously and automatically tested which means you can trust their sturdiness and rely on it.

Stelace functional Scheme
Valuable tech resources are too often wasted or spent putting out fires.

With Stelace APIs, you will heighten your team potential with additional creativity, efficiency, speed and automation, so that they can do what they do best: solve complex problems and deliver new value to your business.

Your developers can use our open-source Javascript SDK (Software Development Kit), or our RESTful APIs with the language of their choice. Our templates and SDK are free and open source, our APIs are open source too! But if you want to save time and launch faster you just have to sign up on our website and register to our SaaS so you can access your Stelace Dashboard, obtain your API Key and get your team started.

Show us how creative you are

We are very fond of open source and we would love to see what you’ve built with Stelace API. Feel free to share your projects, and we will be more than happy to give them some echo if we can, or just reach out!